Friday, March 30, 2007

MRCP & MRCS free exam questions

For those who are preparing for the MRCP or MRCS, there are some free resources developed by doctors to help others to pass the exams.

MRCP free questions : provides an exam guide on how to revise for and pass MRCP and
free MCQs and BOFs for MRCP 1 & 2 - "the biggest and best selection of MCQs and BOFs"

Neurology4mrcp group provides free MCQs & BOFs in PDF format and are free to download, updated at regular intervals. Also check the useful links on "what to read for MRCP". is independent and privately funded website with the aim of helping fellow doctors to pass their MRCP PACES examination. It provides free MRCP PACES tutorial and other useful information.

AIPPG provides free MRCP mock tests

There are also commercial websites that offer online courses by personal subscriptions.

PasTest Online

123Doc - the first 200 questions are free for all users

MRCS free questions : provides tips for MRCS part 1 and 2 training

Clinical Tutor - provides interactive MCQs and a MCQ question database etc. , registration is required. - provides a bank of resources from journal club, MCQs, revision notes etc. - the Student Centre has a large bank of MCQs free to all registered users. - this site provides study tips and an image bank, also MCQ database in many subjects with answers ( located in the Revision Center). Need to register to gain access to the free resources. - a free educational website with MCQs and surgical turorials etc. Need registration to gain access the material

Tips and advices from BMJ Careers :

Is it mandatory to complete 3 parts of the MRCP exam in order to be able to apply for an SHO post in dermatology or would MRCP part 1 be enough

How to pass MRCP

Preparing for MRCP part 1

Comments on the usefulness of these resources would be helpful to other users.

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